Why Moorebank?

The Moorebank site is a unique location for an intermodal terminal that will handle both interstate and import-export freight. This is because it is:

  • long enough to handle interstate freight trains, which can be 1.5 km to 1.8 km long
  • big enough to handle the number of containers expected - up to 1.05 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) a year of import-export freight and another 500,000 TEU a year of interstate freight
  • next to the Southern Sydney Freight Line, which is a dedicated freight line that provides a direct link to the interstate freight network and, together with the Moorebank Freight Network, a direct link to Port Botany
  • next to the M5 Motorway, and near the M7 Motorway and Hume Highway - all key freight corridors 
  • next to existing industrial areas, and close to growing freight markets in south-west Sydney and existing major freight markets in western Sydney, which is where most of the containerised freight received at Port Botany is headed
  • sufficiently far from Port Botany to make rail a viable alternative for moving containers to and from the port
  • owned by the Australian Government.