Who is SIMTA?

Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance "SIMTA" is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qube Holdings, one of Australia's largest and most experienced operators in the freight and logistics industry. SIMTA will build and operate the Moorebank intermodal freight precinct.

What is SIMTA's role?

SIMTA will:

  • Build and operate an open access import-export terminal with an initial capacity of 250,000 containers and an ultimate capacity of up to 1.05 million containers a year

    • if approved, construction will begin in late 2015 with the first stage of operation to begin in late 2017.
  • Build and operate an open access interstate terminal with an initial capacity of 250,000 containers and an ultimate capacity of up to 500,000 containers a year.
    • if approved, operation of the first stage of the terminal will commence in late 2019.
  • Build and lease out up to 850,000m2 of warehousing.

SIMTA will be responsible for appointing all relevant contractors to help fulfil its responsibilities.

SIMTA will deliver most of the capital investment (~ $1.5 billion over the first 10 years), including the terminal infrastructure and warehousing, and contribute 83 ha of land to the development.

Open Access Regime

Once the terminal is operating, SIMTA will implement open access regimes for the IMEX and interstate terminals. The access regimes are intended to ensure that terminals are operated on a non-discriminatory basis so they can be used by any transport operator to provide freight transport services.

Further details on the open access regime will be made available in the near future.

Contact SIMTA

SIMTA is responsible for building and operating the Moorebank intermodal freight precinct, and for funding most of the terminal infrastructure and warehousing. To contact SIMTA you can visit their website at www.simta.com.au.