Benefits of the combined precinct

  • Enhanced economy: over $9 billion in economic benefits through improved productivity, reduced business costs, reduced growth in congestion and a better environment. The combined precinct provides a bigger boost to national productivity as more containers can be unpacked onsite, which reduces costs for business and consumers.

  • New jobs: over 6,800 jobs created by the combined precinct, more than double those expected if the terminal were developed on a single site, due to additional warehousing.

  • Reduced congestion growth: ultimately, IMEX freight trucks will travel 60,000 fewer kilometres on Sydney's road each day.

  • Better environmental outcome: the combined site will handle the same number of containers as originally planned but has more space for a better layout:
    • the rail line will enter the terminal from the south, as far as possible from nearby homes;
    • the rail connection will have wider turns, reducing the potential for noise from the trains using the connection;
    • trains will be loaded and unloaded in the centre of the combined site and warehouses will surround the rail tracks to contain noise and block most of the terminal from view.
  • Low cost to government: the combined precinct will have a bigger benefit for the economy and, by leveraging private investment, at a much lower cost to the taxpayer than originally anticipated.