Sydney Intermodal Terminal Project approval

Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) is seeking project approval to build the first stage of the terminal on the SIMTA land in the precinct and a rail connection to the Southern Sydney Freight Line at the southern end of the site under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. To obtain these approvals, SIMTA submitted the following reports to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E):

DP&E reviewed SIMTA's project approval application and recommended conditions of approval, which can be viewed at DP&E has referred the applications to the NSW Planning Assessment Commissions (PAC) for determination.

Approvals also received

In 2014, SIMTA received:

  • NSW concept approval to build an import-export terminal and 300,000m2 of warehousing on SIMTA's land. This approval is subject to an initial capacity cap of 250,000 containers a year and an ultimate cap of 500,000 containers a year.
  • SIMTA's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) seeking the concept approval is on the NSW Department of Planning of Environment website.
  • Commonwealth approval: In 2014, SIMTA received Commonwealth environmental approval to build and operate a 1 million container a year import-export terminal and 300,000m2 of warehousing.