Planning approvals

Moorebank Intermodal Company (MIC) and Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) have agreed to combine their adjoining sites to create a single freight precinct at Moorebank.

The number of containers the precinct will handle will remain the same as in MIC's concept approval application: a maximum capacity of up to 1.05 million import-export (IMEX) containers a year and up to 500,000 interstate containers a year.

Once MIC has obtained concept approval for an intermodal terminal on the MIC land in the precinct (i.e. the current situation), SIMTA will be responsible for obtaining the all the future project approvals required to build the terminal facilities and warehousing across the combined freight precinct.

What's happening now

The Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has now approved both the SIMTA (29 September 2014) and MIC (3 June 2016) Concept Plan Applications for the Precinct.  The PAC is currently assessing the SIMA Intermodal Terminal Facility Stage 1 proposal. MIC is awaiting Commonwealth Department of Environment approval.

Future approvals required for both sites

If MIC's concept approval and SIMTA's stage 1 project approval applications are granted, SIMTA will then apply for NSW project approval to build the first stage of the interstate terminal on MIC's site.