Planning and environmental approvals

The following environmental planning approvals have been received to date:

  • NSW Planning Assessment Commission

  • Rezoning approval
    • Determination and gazettal received on 24 June 2016 for rezoning of the Commonwealth-owned land to 'industrial'
  • Commonwealth Department of Environment
    • SIMTA Commonwealth determination (6 March 2014) for development on the Qube-owned land on the east side of Moorebank Avenue
    • MIC Commonwealth determination (27 September 2016) for development on the Commonwealth-owned land on the west side of Moorebank Avenue

These approvals have allowed early works, such as demolition of buildings and remediation of some contamination, to commence. These works are well underway.

Substantial construction of the IMEX terminal and the rail line commenced in June 2017. Other works require further development approvals to be granted.

The approvals currently being considered are: