About us

On 13 December 2012, Moorebank Intermodal Company Limited (MIC) was established to facilitate the development of an intermodal terminal at Moorebank in Sydney's south-west.

MIC is a Government Business Enterprise, which is incorporated under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), and operates under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 (Cth). MIC is wholly owned by the Australian Government, which is represented by the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Minister for Finance as MIC's two Shareholder Ministers.

MIC's objectives for the Moorebank intermodal freight precinct are to:

  • boost national productivity over the long-term through improved freight network capacity and rail utilisation
  • create a flexible and commercially viable common user facility for rail operators and other terminal users
  • attract employment and investment to south-western Sydney
  • achieve sound environmental and social outcomes that are considerate of community views
  • optimise value for money for MIC having regard to the other stated project objectives.

In achieving these objectives, MIC was tasked with maximising private sector involvement and innovation at the terminal. After a competitive process, in June 2015, MIC entered an agreement with Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance development (SIMTA) under which SIMTA will build and operate an intermodal freight precinct at Moorebank. MIC will oversee development of the Moorebank freight precinct to make sure SIMTA delivers the core components of the precinct infrastructure to the required standards. During operations, MIC's main role will be to monitor SIMTA's compliance with its obligation to provide access to the IMEX and interstate terminals on an open and non-discriminatory basis.